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Who Wants Gas Prices to Come Down?

by @ 17:26 on May 22, 2008. Filed under Defending the American Dream.

…well, I do and I would guess you do too.   I’ll also bet that most people who have to pay for their gas also would like to see the price come down.   But what about our political elect?    Do they want to see gas prices come down?   This article today  from CBS Chicago says that for some of them, the answer is:   NO and HELL NO!

On average, the total government take on a gallon of gas is about $.40. However, there are areas where the state or local tax is not a fixed amount but is a percent of the retail value. The result is that as the retail price continues to climb, so does the tax that is paid.

Chicago is an area that has a percentage gas tax. As the article points out, tax on a gallon of gasoline in Chicago is now nearly $.80 per gallon. While Dick Durbin was asking oil executives whether they were ashamed of their profits, parts of the state he represents were charging nearly twice the national average for taxes. What makes this even more appalling is realizing that of the $.40 national average, the average for state and local taxes is about $.21. The combination of state and local taxes in the Chicago area are about $.61, nearly THREE TIMES THE NATIONAL AVERAGE!

One would think that with prices going up, the folks in Chicago might see fit to saying, “Hey, we could get by with just two times the national average,” and cut the rate by $.20 or so. One would think, but then, one would be wrong. See, there’s never been a governmental entity that couldn’t find ways to spend the WINDFALL PROFITS they may get…

And that, of course, is exactly the point for the politicians. Gov. Blagojevich, for example, is counting on the high price of gasoline to bring at least an extra $220 million in the State Treasury in the fiscal year that begins this July. Most of that will be used to balance the way-out-of-balance budget.

There is no solution to the creep (used as a noun and verb) and greed of government that doesn’t involve pitchforks and torches!

Where’s my lighter?

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