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The Morning Scramble – 5/19/2008

by @ 11:29 on May 19, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

It is still morning, isn’t it?

No fancy attempts at putting like items together today; too many and too little time…

  • Attention Wisconsin conservatives. Wisconsin Institute for Leadership is now open for business.
  • Jim Lynch has a baseline for bedrock conservative values. Looks good to me; good enough to use to try to drive him to 10,000 visitors this week.
  • Ed Morrissey does the math on the entitlement liabilities. How many times more do America’s families owe in government debt than they do in personal debt? How does more than 4 sound?
  • Fred Thompson (yes, that Fred Thompson) analyzes why activist judges are activist judges. He put too much thought into it; it’s because they’re lieberals.
  • Second dose of Ed; he delivers a history lesson on why the Soviet Union collapsed to Barack Hussein Obama.
  • Fausta goes a bit further back in her history lesson to BHO.
  • Triple shot of Ed (which makes it a good day); he finds BHO trying to keep his and his wife’s stump speeches out of the political discussion. After all, it’s easier to snow-job the sheeple when they can’t be told how much of an idiot you are.
  • CDR Salamander has today’s edition of Italian conservative hotties. I’m too lazy to dig out the link to the quote from the incoming PM, Silvio Berlusconi about how conservative women are hotter than liberal ones.
  • Vivian Lee bemoans the decline and fall of Presidential politics, SNL edition.
  • Mike forecasts a return to the late 1970s if BHO gets elected. Sweaters and short-shorts (depending on the season) not optional.
  • Jon Ham finds 31,000 examples of (lack-of-)consensus on Gorebal Warming. Still want to call us “Flat Earthers”, Herr Goracle?
  • Charles Johnson found an enemy of BHO’s; Fox News. That’s funny; they’re a semi-ally of mine.
  • Curt delivers a history lesson to Tom Harkin. Say, wasn’t he a Rat Presidential candidate back in the day?
  • Lawhawk notes the disembodied version of M-m-m-m-max bin Laden has effectively declared Iraq lost…for his side. Tell me again why the DhimmiRATs want to give up.
  • Aaron just got a 14-month-old bill for the birth of his son.
  • Just A Grunt has the latest example of why bipartisanship is a bunch of Bravo Sierra. After all, the ‘Rats demand 110% compliance.
  • Second dip for Fausta; she laughs at Hugo “Mini-Castro” Chavez’s call for a Latin America oil-for-food program. It worked sooooo well last time. Say, if Chavez were serious, he would divert those “windfall oil profits” he’s using to help prop up FARC.
  • Lance Burri says the UN is going to investigate racism in, wait for it…wait for it…the United States. Guess the various bands of Islamokazis, the Myamar government, the Serbs, the Tamil Tigers, the ChiComs, and a whole host of other groups are all done with their murderous hating </sarcasm>. Bonus coverage; Ann Althouse titled her post “Deep Doudou”.
  • DrewM counts the ways the remake of “Red Dawn” will suck.
  • Rick Moran breaks out the whine for BHO.
  • Tom McMahon delivers the 4-Block SmackDown to the California Supreme Court.
  • J. Gravelle invites Mike Rowe to do Wisconsin’s dirtiest job; be governor. He couldn’t be any worse than Craps.
  • Uncle Jimbo says, “Don’t be a Dou’Che.” Good advice from a wise man.
  • American Pundit answers why we can’t trust BHO.
  • Bill Quick has a new game – How many times will the New York Times link McCain and Bush in a headline every week?
  • JihadGene riffs with one of my pics from the RPW convention this weekend. Message to the Left; that van’s more road-worthy than your average Feingold/Kerry/Gore-festooned Volvo.
  • Quad damage from Ed; he answers what the “bitter Rust Belt states” have in common; oppressive taxation and massive unions.
  • Gaius has the barely-good landing of the day. That student pilot’s got some mad skillz, even though he has absolutely, positively no situational awareness.
  • Doc notes the Gorebal Warming crowd is going after fat people. I knew it would come to this.

The Scramble is getting out of control. It is out of control and I’ll be lucky to live through it.

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