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McClellan “Intrigued by Obama’s Message”

by @ 5:24 on May 30, 2008. Filed under Politics - National.

I didn’t see the interview but according to Jonathan Martin,Scott McClellan indicated that he hadn’t decided who to vote for this year but was “intrigued by Obama’s Message.”

According to Martin, McClellan further said, “It’s a message that is very similar to the one that Gov. Bush ran on in 2000.”

I wonder what part of Bush’s 2000 campaign that McClellan finds similar to Obama’s?   Could it be…

Bush’s strong prolife stance?   Nope, Obama has even voted to allow late term abortions

Bush’s pledge to assign strict constructionist judges to the Supreme Court?   Nope.

Bush’s pledge to a strong military?   Nope, Obama is more the cut and run type.

Bush’s desire to improve educational choice through school vouchers?   Nope, wouldn’t wash with the NEA.

Bush’s campaign to lower taxes?   Nope, Barack wants those increased.

Bush’s advocating for expanded free trade?   Nope, Barack wants to kill NAFTA

Bush actually accomplishing things in Texas on a bipartisan basis? Nope, Obama has the most consistent liberal voting record in the Senate.

Oh, wait, I think I’ve got it.   As with numerous  events in his new book, McClellan appears again confused on the facts.   I think he’s referring to Bush’s 2004 campaign not his 2000 campaign.   In 2004, one of the Bush campaign slogans was:

Yes, America Can

which does sound an awful lot like Obama’s 2008 Campaign slogan:

Yes, We Can

I guess Scott is right.   Obama does sound a lot like Bush.   Yup, and Roseanne Barr sounds a lot like Maria Callas!

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