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It May be “Straight Talk” but it’s not “Straight Thinking”

by @ 5:00 on May 29, 2008. Filed under Miscellaneous.

McCain: GOP base needs to get energized

Senator McCain,

If you really believe that it is up to the GOP base to get energized, then this election is already lost.

Senator McCain,

Energized bases come from leaders or movements that speak to the hearts of their adherents. Energized bases come from people who see the leader’s vision and see how that vision helps them accomplish the goals achieve the values that they all believe in.

Senator McCain,

I certainly agree that indiscriminate spending is a significant issue and did hurt the Republicans in 2006 and will continue to hurt them in this election. However, if you believe that that is the ONLY issue that is out there, you are either naive, willfully ignorant or worse.

Senator McCain,

In case you fall into the naive/uniformed category, let me give you a short list of why many parts of the base are not energized by your candidacy:

  1. ANWR – We are facing the highest gas prices this country has ever seen.   Many families are finding it difficult to find the space in their budgets for any further increases.   The issue with gas is an under supply of oil.   We believe we have one of the Country’s most significant untapped oil reserve in ANWR and would need an extremely small section of it to gather this resource.   Somehow you have determined that the small possibility that the lives of a few caribou  may be disrupted is  more important than the livlihoods of American families.
  2. Carbon Credits – Every day more and more sound science is coming forth shining light on the psuedo science that claims man is responsible for climate change.   Again, you’ve determined that you will support carbon credits that a recent study shows will significantly increase energy costs for each American family
  3. Borders – You said you had learned your lesson regarding open borders.   You said you would not support any “immigration reform” until the borders were secure.   However, just last week you were back talking about making Comprehensive Immigration Reform a top priority.   Which is it?
  4. Mortgage Bailout – You campaign for smaller government and accountability yet you support a bailout for mortgages that will increase the size of government allow individuals to bypass accountability of agreements that they have made.

Senator McCain,

The above list is not exhaustive. there are other issues where you have left many of us scratching our heads about where you are on the political spectrum.   At least for myself, the above list will not keep me from voting for you.    But, to suggest that I should be energized, when you support key policies that  would negatively impact my family for years to come, well that’s not likely to happen.

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