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The Taxpayer Rally – longer text version

by @ 22:28 on October 17, 2007. Filed under Politics - Wisconsin, Taxes.

While I finish prepping the pics and the videos (that’s right, my little camera does a passable job with the video), I may as well get a little bit more in-depth.

Ignoring the advice of AFP to hop the bus, mainly because there was a side trip I wanted to take after the rally, I rolled into downtown Madison right about 10 am. As a side benefit, I got to listen to Charlie and Assembly Speaker Mike Huebsch talk about the Jim “Craps” Doyle plan to unnecessarily shut down state government to try to force the issue.

Since the pre-rally point was several miles from the Capitol, I needed to take the “fine” Madistan mass transit. The bus was running about 10 minutes late, but that’s no excuse to just blow past the stop. Thankfully, the gridlock that is Madistan allowed me to catch up. It wasn’t like the bus was overloaded; there were maybe 8 on the bus.

Anyway, I made it to the pre-rally point, and had some delicious pulled pork. While there, I ran into Fred, the Unreal one, silent E, and Kathy. I also met RDW field agent #2, and some Milwaukee County Pubbies.

After some refreshments, we hopped the buses to the Capitol. The teat-sucking squealers were already there waiting for us (Messrs. Schneider and Fraley, both of whom I missed, have the details). Whilst waiting for high noon, the very lovely and talented Jenna dropped in, along with Lance Burri, Owen, Leah Vukmir, Rich Zipperer, Bill Kramer and many others I missed. I somehow missed Leslie, the OTB Chris, and Dad29.

Anyway, high noon rolled in, and the fun commenced. We started off with the emcee (my memory’s a bit hazy on his name), who reached out across the police line. Those on the other side of the line, being the teat-sucking, squealing oh-so-tolerant lieberals they are, booed him.

AFP president Tim Phillips was up next, and he encouraged us to keep on fighting the good fight. Mark Block was up next and pointed out most of the people up on the stage. There are some considerate public employees.

I missed who the next speaker was, but I do have a pic that will pop up when I’m to the point of posting them. Fred followed up; I’ll let the video speak for him when I have it up.

Pat Snyder, from WSAU in Wausau, proved that there are conservatives on the air “north of Highway 10”. He also pointed out that up in Wausau, the tax issue is a bipartisan one.

Owen drew the most vitriol from the teat-suckers; the video (again, once it’s up) will prove that.

Rience Priebus, hammering home the theme of the day, challenged Doyle to live up to his campaign promise. After him, somebody from New Berlin (again, I’m horrid with the names that weren’t in the program) came up with 7,000 or so postcards urging Doyle to live up to his campaign promise.

Vicki McKenna closed things off with a twist; a pig toss.

Once everybody was done speaking, the teat-suckers started milling in. While others reported they got hassled, I managed to get out of there completely unscathed.

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