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One more holdout, and can be dumped

by @ 8:02 on April 27, 2007. Filed under The Blog.

Revisions/extensions (8:58 am 4/27/2007) – And then there were none. All I have to do is remember to get the move done by May 15 and I don’t have to pay another $12 to Yahoo). I THINK I could have kept the subdomain up once I moved everything to Bluehost, but I didn’t feel like nesting subdomains in subfolders.

At the beginning of the day yesterday, there were 6 blogs that still had this place at (thank you, Technorati, for keeping track of links). A couple months ago, I moved off of that particular host because of a combination of a not-quite-complete support of WordPress and certain issues with using subdomains, and created a permanent redirect here (useful for those that were still clicking their way there). Indeed, one of the reasons why I am using FeedBurner for my RSS feeds is there is a plugin that forces a redirect of the feed; and I used that to force those still sitting on the feed to the feed from here.

Anyway, I figured it’s been long enough, and I really would like to move the parent domain over here (Bluehost does let me have 6 domains parked here) while I decide what I want to do with it. So, I bugged all 6 people (4 through e-mail, 2 through posts on their blogs), and I got 5 of them to update their rolls. Surprisingly, Charlie was one of those that finally got with the program.

Hopefully, some more-persistent bugging of the holdout will finally get that person to update their roll today.

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