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Thanks for nothing, ChiComs and Sovie…er, Russians

by @ 18:38 on October 12, 2006. Filed under Politics.

(H/T – Allahpundit)

CBS News is reporting that, in response to Russian Soviet and Red Chinese opposition, the latest draft resolution condemning North Korea would not:

  • Require member nations to freeze North Korean assets from other illicit activities such as “counterfeiting, money-laundering or narcotics” (quote from the previous draft resolution).
  • Prevent any money-laundering that could contribute to the transfer or development of WMDs/long-range ballistic missiles.
  • Require inspection of any cargo to or from North Korea (instead, it would allow “as necessary” inspections).
  • Ban North Korean ships and aircraft from world ports and airports (a demand of Japan).

Guess the ChiComs and Russians Soviets think they can still control Krazy Kim the Younger like they did Krazy Kim the Elder, and that the best method of control; and the best way to defeat the US and the rest of the West is to have North Korea sell their nukes and ballistic missiles to the highest bidder. BTW, that’s the answer to Blaise’s question, “And so we are left to ask ‘What is the point of the U.N.?'”

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