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If you…, you might be a “moderate”.

by @ 15:50 on October 25, 2006. Filed under Politics - Wisconsin.

Once again, I apologize for the lack of blogging. This chest cold just isn’t letting go. Oh well, let’s push on and define a Jentinel “moderate” in Jeff Foxworthy terms:

  • If every action you take shows that you think taxes aren’t high enough in Wisconsin, you might be a “moderate”.
  • If you think the only form of stem cell research worth funding is both the only form that has shown zero promise and the one that destroys life in the process, you might be a “moderate”.
  • If, after a lifetime opposing expansion of gambling, you all of a sudden think the state Constitution, as expressed by both the Legislature and the public, doesn’t apply to you because you have to pay off the $1 million that Indian gambling interests gave you, you might be a “moderate”.
  • If, a few short months after claiming that “Big Oil” would simply take additional profits if you sign a (failed) bill to eliminate Wisconsin’s minimum mark-up law on gasoline, you unilaterally exempt only those stations selling corn-a-hole because you need to shore up the MIlwaukee vote, you might be a “moderate”.
  • If your idea of health care reform includes leeching off of a country that itself is leeching off the American prescription-drug consumer, you might be a “moderate”.
  • If you think that a moderately-trained armed citizenry defending itself against an armed criminal element is inherently more dangerous than a defenseless citizenry at the not-so-tender mercies of said armed criminal element, you might be a “moderate”.
  • If you oppose every effort to limit rampaging trial lawyers, you might be a “moderate”.
  • If you think forcing kids whose parents can’t afford to flee Milwaukee into a failing public schools is a good idea, you might be a “moderate”.
  • If you think that Festivus is a real holiday deserving of its own “tree”, and that “tree” is more real than a Christmas tree, you might be a “moderate”.
  • If building a new dorm for UWM is more important than delivering 800 jobs out in the Chippewa Valley, you might be a “moderate”.

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