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The freeway of doom

by @ 17:01 on May 12, 2006. Filed under Miscellaneous.

(H/T – JSOnline’s DayWatch)

Today’s accidents on I-43/94 between the Mitchell Interchange and the Plainfield curve:

– A semi jackknifed in the northern lanes at the north end of the Plainfield curve (which is a decreasing-radius curve northbound) mid-morning.
– A southbound box truck ran wide and into the median wall at about the same spot the semi jackknifed around 1.
– A semi ran off the ramp from eastbound I-894 to southbound (eastbound officially) I-94 and ended up in the median between that ramp and southbound I-94 a short while ago.

Earlier this week, another semi fell off that same ramp and crashed through the southbound I-94 lanes. There is a reason why the speed limit is only 50 mph there.

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