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More tax freeze sublimation

by @ 10:14 on November 30, 2005. Filed under Miscellaneous.

Item #1 (H/T – Dad29) – The Sheboygan School District, faced with an unexpected $1 million after exhausting everything they were authorized to build via a referrendum, chose to waste this $1 million on empty space in the high school instead of returning the money due the taxpayers…because some of that money would have to go back to the federal government because it wasn’t spent.

Item #2 – (H/T Kevin) – By a final vote of 15-1, the Sheboygan Common Council turned a meeting called to reduce the budget $300,000 into a $33,600+ INCREASE and a 1.6% levy increase over last year. Alderwoman Robin Renee Suscha touched on why her fellow aldermen decided to buy 20 previously-unbudgeted tasers, previously-unbudgeted cameras to be mounted on said tasers, and a previously-unbudgeted crime mapping/analysis program – it seems she believes that the school board (talked about above) and the county are “fiscally responsible”.

Oh well; they’re just taking the lead from Gov. Jim “Craps” Doyle (WEAC-Potawatomi). On this morning’s Early Spin (H/T –Fred), he made the ridiculous claim that if the state dropped the automatically-increasing gas tax a nickel, “Big Oil” would just jack the price up that nickel.

Homer nods – I really need that caffeine; had to fix a typo or so.

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