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Back-handed Smashes of Justice – The Return

by @ 11:47 on June 14, 2012. Filed under Miscellaneous.

Once again, I’ve been spending far too much time on Twitter lately. Since I’ll be at Right Online tomorrow and Saturday, I figured I best get back in the groove of blogging. What better way than the infamous Back-handed Smashes of Justice:

  • Governor Scott Walker, Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, Senators Scott Fitzgerald and Terry Moulton, and Assemblyman/Senator-elect Jerry Petrowski (standing in for the retired Pam Galloway) easily beat back their recall challengers in the biggest non-Presidential election in Wisconsin’s history. Unfortunately, the Democrats in the city of Racine gave the rest of the county a true raspberry of a going-away “present” by giving John Lehman his revenge against Van Wanggaard, and in the process gave Senate Democrat leader Mark Miller control of an empty chamber for less than 7 months.
  • Once again, Walker held out an olive branch (or should that be a brat?) despite the DPW still holding out hope that the incredibly-biased Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office (controlled by Democrats, with a majority of the staff signing Recall Walker petitions) will indict their ham sandwich. Given all that would do is put Kleefisch in the governor’s mansion, and she is about as popular as he is, I somehow doubt that’s going to happen.
  • Speaking of the recall, President Obama decided to play hopscotch over Wisconsin, choosing instead to attend 6 fundraisers in the greater Twin Cities and Chicago areas the Friday before the election. I can neither confirm nor deny that Obama skipped over Wisconsin because there wasn’t any money in it for him.
  • Speaking of money, the MacIver Institute tracked over $23.5 million in reportable expenditures by Big Labor in their 1-for-6 performance. That’s $23.5 million that won’t be going into Team SCOAMF, and with their failure, it’s also not leveragable, even if the unionistas and Obama were still on money-sharing terms.
  • Oh wait, the AFL-CIO won’t be donating to Team SCOAMF this time around, preferring instead to shore up their fast-eroding base of support.
  • In economic news, it’s almost all bad, despite Teh SCOAMF’s since-expired claim that in the ObamiNation, the private sector was “doing fine”. The “highlights” – unemployment up to 8.2% in May, 69,000 jobs created in May (with April’s job creation revised downward to 77,000), 1st-quarter real GDP growth slashed to 1.9%, corporate profits posting their worst quarter in 3 years last quarter, over 19 million Americans out of work who want a job, consumer confidence diving. It’s only against the basket case of the EU that things are “fine”.
  • Oh yes, the Europeans. Greece can’t form a government (and if they do, they’ll start repudiating debt). Spain received, a day after the IMF said they needed a $50 billion injection to save the banks, a $125 billion injection to save the banks. The first act of the Socialists in France was to cancel a planned rise in the retirement age from 60…to 62. Did I mention that the “austerity” wasn’t exactly austerity?
  • The Brewers are playing down to their competition, getting whipped by the worst teams in baseball, yet somehow holding their own against the best. Unfortuantely, it’s more the former than the latter, and since June 1 went by with the Brewers under .500, we’re waiting for Packers’ training camp. Boo stale beer.
  • The Packers are having a nice mini-camp, complete with a clay-shooting trip. Hooray meat.

I can’t let you go without a trip to Real Debate Wisconsin for a laundry list of voting irregularities in the city of Racine last week Tuesday from Lou D’Abbraccio.

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