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NRE 2011 Awards – Jackass of the Year

by @ 6:00 on January 3, 2012. Filed under NRE 2011 Awards.

We here at No Runny Eggs have decided to make famous (or infamous as the case may be) some of the people and events that shaped the past year. Today, we start with the nominees for Jackass of the Year. We’ll each choose the person who we think was the biggest jackass in 2011. Some of us may agree, some of us may not. For historical sake, here are the 2009 and 2010 nominees for Jackass of the Year.

The rest of the NRE Awards schedule is:

  • Thank You for Existing, which will be announced on 1/4.
  • Dumbest Thing Said, which will be announced on 1/5.
  • News Story of the Year, which will be announced on 1/6.
  • Person of the Year, which will be announced on 1/7.

And the nominees are…

Miles Kristan (from steveegg) – If there’s a face for the Occupier/Unionista/Democrat Axis, Miles is it. He started off the year throwing a pink slip at Rep. Robin Vos, and his obsession with both female clothing and Vos only worsened from there. While he was wearing a pink dress, he harassed a MacIver News Service intern trying to film a protest he was a part of. A few months later, he proved he is a subject of the Kingdom of Dane rather than a resident of Wisconsin by pouring a beer on Vos’s head in a Madison bar.

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) (from Kevin Fischer) – To not select former NY Congressman Anthony Weiner would be hard, pun intended. The cocky, married Democrat engaged in several inappropriate relationships with six different women over three years, providing fodder for bloggers and comedians to this day and beyond.

His illicit behavior involved a pattern of sending inappropriate and at times explicit photos and messages to women he met over the Internet. He lied about it, then fessed up (“I take full responsibility for my action. The picture was of me, and I sent it”), but refused to exhibit the decency of resigning immediately. His lame defense was that he broke no laws.

Meagan Broussard, a 26-year-old single mother from Texas who provided dozens of photos, emails, Facebook messages and cell phone call logs that she claimed demonstrated an extremely sexually-charged relationship with Weiner said, “I thought for sure, ‘why would someone in that position be doing this?'”

No kidding. What a jackass.

The Obamas (from Shoebox) – Oh, I’m sure I could have thought about this more and come up with something more creative but why? It seems impossible that Barack Obama has not been purposely running for this award throughout the year. Let’s see….Lecturing the GOP on demagoguing, immediately followed by accusing them of scaring seniors regarding social security or, claiming that his administration, when it came to foreign policy and legislative accomplishments, his administration was probably 4th best of all time…even as he cedes Iraq and every other Middle Eastern country to the Mullahs in Iran.

Finally, it’s not only Barack; this is the first time this prize should go to a jackass duo. Michelle is equally a jackass. Note only Michelle’s African safari that cost over $400k and which she listed her daughters as “Senior Staff” to avoid having to pay for any part of the trip personally!

Now that I think about it, call the Obama’s jackasses give jackasses a bad name. When it comes down to it, this pair is clearly amongst the most self-entitled, out of touch persons ever to live in the Whitehouse. On that account, I would definitely put the Obamas in the top four administrations!

Madison Justice (from realdebate) – From Judge Sumi ignoring obvious conflicts of interest to old left-wing Shirley leaking a false story about Justice Prosser, the most biased D.A. in the state ignoring charges against left-wing nuts to the Capital Police Chief that ignored horrid behavior on his watch, the entire Dane County Judiciary has shown themselves to be leaning heavily on the left side of the scales of Lady Justice. If you are a liberal in Dane County you can get away with just about anything. (Can you give a parking ticket to a Segway?)

President Barack Obama (from Phineas) –  Prior to our military intervention in Libya, the president authorized the evacuation the evacuation of American citizens and their dependents from the war-torn country. There were three hitches, though. First, his administration rented a civilian ferry instead of sending the US Navy. (The British sent in the SAS to rescue their people.) Then, when people got to the designated evacuation point, they had to have been thrilled to discover it was an open pier, water on three sides, and no one there to protect them should any rebel or loyalist goon squads show up. Finally, they were expected to reimburse the United States for their evacuation. Yep, you want to get out of a war zone, cough up the dough. The protection of US citizens and their dependents overseas is one of the president’s jobs; indeed Jefferson went to war against the Tripolitanian (Libyan) pirates to protect American lives and property. For the way he handled his duties, I think Barack Obama richly deserves “Jackass of the Year.”

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