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Last call before the Iowa Caucus (?) debate drunkblog

by @ 9:38 on December 15, 2011. Filed under 2012 Presidential Contest.

At least promoter/broadcaster Fox News is promising tonight’s debate will be the last one before Iowa begins the delegate selection process. The debate is at 8 pm Central, and we’ll fire it up about 7:45. The 12/27 NewsMax debate, which before moderator/potential third-party candidate Donald Trump dropped out had only two candidates scheduled, is in serious doubt now.

The big news is from Rasmussen, which has the current NotRomney experiencing the almost-inevitable bust after the boom. It has Mitt Romney leading at 23%, up from 20% and second last month, Newt Gingrich at 20%, down from the leading 32%, Ron Paul at 18%, up from 10% and fourth (behind the departed Herman Cain last time), and Rick Perry at 10%, up from 6% and a multi-way tie for fifth.

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