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Clueless – Milwaukee County Executive edition

by @ 10:18 on September 7, 2011. Filed under Politics - Milwaukee County.

Charlie Sykes received a letter from County Board Supervisor Joe Sanfelippo on the dysfunctional budgeting process that is happening under County Executive Chris Abele:


I heard you talking about Abele on your show today and how he will say one thing and do another. There is another problem with his leadership at the county; he has none.

Everyday I get complaints from department heads that tell me they are getting no direction whatsoever from the County Executive or his staff. Last week I had a meeting with the leadership at the War Memorial. They stated that by now, they usually would have met with the Exec’s staff to go over line by line their budget requests for the next year. That is just standard operating procedure. Abele will be presenting his budget to the board on September 29th. He or anyone from his staff has yet to return a phone call let alone meet regarding the War Memorial budget request.

I have heard that there are department heads that have yet to meet him at all. …

One of the issues he spoke of during his campaign was fixing the problems at the Mental Health Hospital. I have met with his Chief of Staff twice to discuss ideas for reform and there seems to be no interest in doing anything.

There is a real vacuum of leadership right now at the county. Even the career staffers who disliked Walker with a passion said at least when Scott was there they had a clear direction to follow. That is lacking. His inexperience at running anything is showing through and the board is smelling blood in the water. They feel they can lead him around by the nose.

This is going to be an interesting budget season. Taxpayers beware!


I wonder if the voters in Milwaukee County realized they were electing Cher Horowitz back in April…


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