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STF…er, SOTU Drunkblog alert

by @ 8:42 on January 25, 2011. Filed under Politics - National.

This is the Emergency Bogging System. It has been activated because it has come to Steve’s attention that some of you may have missed his “invite update” to Shoebox’s preview.

We will be drunkblogging the Shut The Fu.., er, State of the Union Bloviatio…er, speech. The thread itself will open up at 7:30 pm (if Steve fuc…er, fouled up the coding on the invite, just refresh the main blog page then to find the thread), with the drunkblogging kicking off at 7:45. Speaking of the invite, allow us to repeat it.

Warning; unlike the NewTone taken in this post, the expletives won’t be censored on the drunkblog.

This concludes this post by the Emergency Blogging System.

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