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Citizens United – one year later

by @ 7:39 on January 21, 2011. Filed under Politics - National.

One year ago today, Citizens United earned a major victory for political speech in the Supreme Court. In honor of that, Citizens United president David Bossie and legal counsel Ted Olson released a statement on that, while Citizens United put together a video about it.

Quoting from Olson’s portion of the release:

I think it may be the most important case in history because what that decision said is that individuals, under the First Amendment, cannot be inhibited, cannot be restrained, cannot be threatened, cannot be censored by the government when they wish to speak about elections and the political process. What could be more important than that? This is a robust expression of our fundamental liberties. I think it is the most important decision ever to be rendered by the Supreme Court in connection with the freedom of citizens to participate in the political process.

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