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Archive for December 2nd, 2010

The Morning Scramble – tagline edition

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I need content, but I’m not feeling very inspired (well, beyond a quick tagline or two). Guess it’s time to bring back old faithful…

  • Rick Moran found that TARP didn’t stop at America’s borders. This news is brought to you by TARP – Smothering economies worldwide since 2008
  • Related – Stephan Tawney has the comment of the day regarding the upcoming US taxpayer bailout of the European Union:

    Because we can afford to bailout a collective of welfare states that generally despise us and everything for which we stand. A collective of welfare states which was told for quite some time that it couldn’t afford to support everyone from cradle to grave. Because we can afford that. Or something.

    This link is brought to you by the EU – Ours is not to reason why; ours is to borrow and die.

  • Tom McMahon distilled the dichotomy of the messages of TV Christmas specials and the commercials that run during them. This 4-Block is brought to you by Ironies-R-Us – When you absolutely, positively need a message muddled in 30 seconds or less.
  • Tom Blumer blasts the Romneybots who would rather see another 4 years of Obama than anybody but the guy who wrote the playbook for PlaceboCare. This backstab is brought to you by Next-In-Line Waffles – We’ve replaced Arizona Guacamole with Massachusetts Maple, and you will lik…cough…choke on it.
  • CDR Salamander asks the salient question after hearing the news that there is no way to get a replacement engine for the F-35C (that would be the US Navy version of the Lightning II) out to a current-class carrier further out than about 250 miles from the nearest friendly port. This Charlie-Foxtrot is brought to you by the Robert McNamara Memorial NAVAIR – Using your tax dollars to make everything commonly bad.
  • Jim Geraghty has the following tagline covered after Teh Won ordered one of his overweight minions to eat a salad – This PSA is brought to you by Chris Christie for President: Because the commander-in-chief and leader of the free world should never be telling you to eat a @#$%^ salad.
  • Jeremy Shown schools a UW PoliSci prof on what the federal government is supposed to do when the voters say, “Stop spending!”. This lesson is brought to you by PoliSci Crackers – It goes with Government Cheese.
  • Bonus Jeremy – He notes the Red Chinese are looking at giving up on high-speed rail. This newscast is brought to you by D-Railing – A dime is better than $810 million.
  • Dad29 is buying oil futures in countries other than the US after Interior Secretary Ken “Lock ’em up” Salazar locked up all offshore drilling for the next 2 years, and everything except the western Gulf of Mexico the next 7. This gallon of gas is brought to you by Lincoln and the Two Washingtons – You’ll need both of us, and not in metallic form either.
  • No Sheeples breaks out the awesomeness that is XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement System, now being used to send Al-Qaeda to their 72 virgin demons. This shot is brought to you by the Military-Industrial Complex – Providing the means to deal with America’s enemies with extreme prejudice.

There’s a whole out more out there, but if I continued, it would be The Afternoon Scramble.

RWN’s Blogger’s Choice – Conservative of the Year

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John Hawkins kicked off the year-end awards with a bunch of us right-of-center bloggers choosing the Conservative of the Year award. Out of the following list of 20 picked by John, the members of the panel picked between 1 and 3 in an unranked order:

  • Dick Armey/Matt Kibbe
  • Michele Bachmann
  • Haley Barbour
  • Glenn Beck
  • Andrew Breitbart
  • John Boehner
  • David Bossie
  • Jan Brewer
  • Scott Brown
  • Chris Christie
  • Jim DeMint
  • Mike Duncan/Karl Rove/Ed Gillespie
  • Erick Erickson
  • Pamela Geller
  • Bobby Jindal
  • Sarah Palin
  • Tim Phillips/Phil Kerpen
  • Marco Rubio
  • Paul Ryan
  • Allen West

I’ll make you go over to Right Wing News to see the surprise winner and 5 of the other top 7, but I’ll explain my choices here:

  • Paul Ryan (who is in the top 7) – Call me a homer if you must, but I’ve been a Ryan supporter even before redistricting put Oak Creek into the 1st Congressional District. John’s profile: “This congressman from Wisconsin became a conservative sensation because of his Roadmap for America’s Future, which was re-released in 2010.”
  • Erick Erickson – Despite RedState hitting the big time and himself joining CNN as a commentator, Erick continues to take a no-compromises approach. I’ll start with today’s piece pointing out that the Senate “Republicans” didn’t need to cave on START in order to get promises of a temporary continuation of the Bush tax rates.
  • Tim Phillips/Phil Kerpen – When one’s organization (Americans for Prosperity) is targeted by name by Teh Won multiple times, you know it’s effective.

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