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No Soup For You!

by @ 6:54 on October 15, 2010. Filed under Economy, Economy Held Hostage.

In case any of you are still wondering whether the current administration had the intellectual strength to handle the current economic challenges:

No Soup for you:
Social Security to announce no COLA for 2011

Oh, don’t get me wrong, COLAs are what they are and if zero, well, that’s what it is. It does however, seem a bit ironic that seniors who will be getting no COLA will also be getting the “benefit” of Placebocare which will actually increase their health care costs.

Because we’re still spending like drunken sailors:
Government to report on $1 trillion-plus deficit

The economic acts of the Obama administration continue to play out as if they were planned by the, out of touch with reality, Dr. Evil.

I wonder if Obama has found anyone to glue lasers to the shark’s heads yet?

US Economy held hostage….18 more days!

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