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Boxer’s Achilles Heel?

by @ 19:38 on October 24, 2010. Filed under Politics - National.

The race between Barbara “Maam” Boxer and Carly Fiorina is one the key Senate “toss up” races.  With a couple of exceptions, the polls over the past couple of weekshave shown “Maam” up by a couple of points but with Fiorina within the margin of error. While the Senate race is the one that has the most national visibility, it’s possible that a separate vote by Californians is the one that will ultimately determine who controls the Senate.

One of California’s legendary Propositions is on the ballot a week from Tuesday. Proposition 19 would allow the legal growing of up to 25 sq. ft. of marijuana. It would also make it legal to posses up to one ounce of marijuana. In a poll released last Tuesday, SurveryUSAfound an interesting correlation between those supporting Proposition 19 and those supporting Barbara “Maam” Boxer. According to SurveyUSA, there is a strong correlation between those supporting the legalization of marijuana and those supporting Maam. I know, who’d of thunk it?

There is an old adage that says that a person’s greatest strength is also their greatest weakness. This adage may be sage for Maam Boxer. While Boxer has strong support from those supporting Proposition 19 and Proposition 19 had originally had strong support, that support looks to be waning as election day draws near.

In its report, SurveyUSA shows that support for Proposition 19 may have reached its apex with “no” reported as moving to 44%. While I generally respect SurveyUSA’s polling, they may be a ways off on this issue. Numerous polls, including this recent one reported by the LA Times, have “No” polling dramatically higher than 44%. The LA Times poll has “No” at 51% and growing. Worse, when the poll details are reviewed, supporters of Proposition 19 come from younger voters who are not expected to make up nearly the voting population of 2010 that they made up in 2008.

Maam Boxer’s ability to return to Washington and bristle against military personnel appears to be largely tied to the energy of young weed smokers. My observation has been that smoking weed doesn’t tend to increase an individual’s motivation. In fact, I typically see a definite laxness amongst potheads.

If I were Maam Boxer, I don’t know that I’d be sleeping very well these days. Even though the potheads who will likely determine her future, probably are. Maybe they’ll over sleep next Tuesday!

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