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Wednesday Hot Read – James T. Harris’ “White Man’s Burden”

by @ 6:00 on July 21, 2010. Filed under Politics.

James T. Harris lights up a local liberal racist who thinks he knows what being “black” means. I usually don’t bother with the local nutroots because personality conflicts aren’t worth it, but in this case I’ll make an exception because one of the co-bloggers over at Folkbum’s needed the smackdown. I’ll skip to the close:

Dear LORD! Is it 1950? Are we in Mississippi? Did I somehow get abducted from my home in Sherman Park’s Uptown Crossing, a predominantly “black” neighborhood, by the way… where I reside with my gorgeous, smoking hot “black” wife and my three brilliant and beautiful “black” children (though the Wizard might denounce the above as my phony black wife, phony black kids and phony neighborhood… he of infinite, all-knowing phony black wisdom)?

Seriously, my patience for this ridiculous liberal race dance has now run out. I’m black and conservative among many other things…

Get over it.

I don’t need any arrogant, liberal Euro-wannabe lefty or his surrogate telling me how to vote, think or talk. Earl and his “community” of listeners obviously do.

Dats why dey be Democrats!

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