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The Morning Scramble – Rocking GOP Women edition (guest-host Jo Egelhoff)

by @ 10:46 on June 11, 2010. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

If you are not reading Jo Egelhoff’s FoxPolitics, you really should. As part of the site, she puts together a rather lenghty (week)daily e-mail summary of links that rivals the larger Scrambles.

In any case, she put together a GOP Women Rock Scramble for both me and you, the loyal reader (as with Dean’s Guest-Scramble earlier in the week, comments from me will be in italics)…


  • The week started with Sarah Palin’s ‘mama grizzlies’ moniker. Great piece from The Daily Caller. One thing you never do is get between a mother grizzly and her cubs.
  • Regardless the party, should women court women? (Yes, sure, says Suzi Parker at the Christian Science Monitor. But you won’t get them just because you’re the same gender they are.) It’s all about the issues, and the middle of the road is a great place to get run over by both sides.
  • Post-Tuesday from Politico: Palin backing pays off for her pals. Love it. Interesting to see that Palin often uses the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List as a barometer…. I believe the gender-neutral term is roalty-maker.
  • Pre-Tuesday, the Christian Science Monitor asked – Is the Year of the Republican woman dawning? (Nod with me – YES.) I believe it was Jay Weber that said yesterday that they’re simply coming out from behind the scenes, mainly because of the Palin Factor.
  • No, according to Kudlow, this isn’t the Year of the Woman – but rather the year of the women from the past vs. the women for the future. Mostly he’s talking about Carly Fiorina, but lots of these new feminine faces qualify. Those who remember history….
  • Mama grizzlies or not, it’s cool that at least somebody noticed (WaPo) that these women for the future didn’t make their gender an issue. Rock on. I’m lovin’ it. Again, it’s all about the issues.
  • Ohmigosh – Fiorina’s the first one to screw up – into an open mike – messing with Barbara Boxer’s hair of all things.

    “…it is not a good way to start a woman-on-woman race by playing into negative stereotypes about female culture.”

    …. “If a man had made the comment, it would have been viewed as sexist. When a woman says it, it would be viewed as catty.”

    Senator Boxer saw an opening, and took it. “Let her talk about hair; we’re talking about jobs,” said Rose Kapolczynski, her campaign manager..

    When will politicians learn to not speak into a microphone that might be open? As someone who makes hay out of that situation, I hope never.

  • Will media call this the year of the woman? Ed Morrissey says well, probably not.

    Assuming these Republican women triumph in November, don’t expect the media to fawn over them the way they did in 1992 with the Democrats. Besides overcoming the natural liberal bias we see throughout much of the national press, it would also require the media to give Palin and Bachmann some credit, which will happen when global cooling hits Hell.

    Yeah, well… Because they don’t have the “correct” views, Ed is, as usual, right. I do, however, have a frozen sign of Hell, Michigan in the archives on the off-chance they do so.

Now go and thank Jo for putting together this morning’s Scramble.

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