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McCallum endorses Wall

by @ 11:58 on May 17, 2010. Filed under Politics - National, Politics - Wisconsin.

In a statement released by the Terrence Wall campaign, former Wisconsin Governor Scott McCallum said:

Terrence Wall has balanced budgets for the last 20 years as a small business owner. That’s exactly the kind of experience we need in Washington today. I’m endorsing Terrence because I know he will stand up to the power brokers in Washington – Democrats or Republicans – and fight for a balanced budget that won’t saddle our children with any more debt. As Governor, I wasn’t afraid to propose true spending cuts, and I know Terrence won’t be either.

This ties into a pledge from Wall last week to vote only for a balanced budget.

Normally, an ex-governor’s endorsement would be gigantic news. However, McCallum was a “caretaker” governor who happened to be lieutenant governor when Tommy Thompson left for the Bush administration, and his attempts to put Wisconsin on a track toward budget solvency wasn’t well-received even by his fellow Republicans.

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