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Investors Are Morons

by @ 5:38 on May 18, 2010. Filed under Economy.

So, I’m reading through an AP article about the DOW’s wild ride today and come across this sentence:

Investors are questioning whether steep budget cuts in countries including Greece, Spain and Portugal will hinder an economic recovery in Europe.

Do “investors” not understand that each and every dollar that is spent by any government is appropriated from the private sector somewhere?

Even after the experience of Obama’s “stimulus”, are “investors” still delusional enough to believe that government spending actually stimulates anything?

Do “investors” not understand that without dramatic changes in most government spending that nations one by one will see defaults?

Do “investors” not understand that their desire for increased government spending is simply satisfying a short term thrill for long term, significant pain?

Real investors understand each of the items I outlined.  However, the bunch of government, teat sucking sycophants that operate wall street don’t.  Those “investors” are morons!

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