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Covering the 2010 RPW State Convention

by @ 14:41 on May 19, 2010. Filed under RPW Convention.

For the third year, I’ll be covering the Republican Party of Wisconsin State Convention. I’ll be joined by a few of my friends:

Kevin Binversie from Lakeshore Laments
Owen Robinson from Boots and Sabers
Kyle Maichle from North Shore Exponent
Rick Sense from The Inside Scoop
The gang from the MacIver Institute

If you can’t make it down to Milwaukee for the fun, stick around, visit the friends, and stay tuned for the news from the convention. Of course, if you can make it to Milwaukee, come on down – there’s going to be so many people here that the RPW needed to get the Midw…er, Frontier Airlines Center for Saturday’s portion.

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