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Weekend Hot Read – Doctor Zero’s “The new currency is obedience”

by @ 16:21 on April 17, 2010. Filed under Politics - National.

Doctor Zero’s explanation of why there has been a year-long vitriolic response to the Tea Party is so good, the Hot Air Greenroom version got promoted to HA’s front page. It is harder than usual to choose just a short excerpt because it is THAT GOOD, but I’ll try (all emphasis in the original):

The past two years have seen a profound change occur in the American system. Our basic currency is no longer the dollar. People like Jason Levin understand the nature of our new currency, which is obedience.

Obama Democrats worship central planning. They have repeatedly expressed the belief that only powerful, maternal government can be trusted to allocate the most essential resources, or manage vital industries. The free market is a playpen, filled with the stuff that isn’t serious enough to merit direct control by the Mother State. When a particular toy causes the children of the electorate to scream, it is quickly snatched out of the pen. The free market can’t even be trusted to deal with airline fees for carry-on luggage… which turned out to be a market response to previous government action. You are expected to sit quietly and swallow your tears if Mother State chooses to beat you over the head with one of your toys….

A Russian dissident once said that the gulags weren’t an unfortunate side effect of Communism – they were the point. Jason Levin and his Crash the Tea Party minions understand this, and embrace it, because they hate the people who will be ground into fertilizer for the system they support. By helping to suppress a powerful enemy of the regime, they enjoy the exhilaration of despite, while also serving as volunteer guards for the Treasury where our new currency of obedience is stored.

Again, I recommend reading the entire thing.

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