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Thomspon not running for Senate

by @ 15:04 on April 15, 2010. Filed under Politics - Wisconsin.

Tommy Thompson made it official at today’s Madison Tea Party, at the end of a fiery speech in which he tried to make common cause with the roughly 12,000 Tea Partiers. He did not endorse anybody Since I was there, I do have audio of the speech – just click here for it (sorry about the less-than-optimal quality – I was juggling my semi-smart phone, camera and the voice recorder).

After the Tea Party, I did quick interviews with the two announced candidates, Terrence Wall and Dave Westlake (click on the links for the audio). I specifically asked them about the announcement from Thompson as well as their fundraising efforts.

I must also note that while Ron Johnson was one of the speakers, he did not mention one way or the other his possible candidacy.

Revisions/extensions (3:25 pm 4/15/2010) – Fixed the link to the Wall interview. That’s the problem with trying to do things on the laptop with it actually on my lap.

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