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Quick conversation – Ed Thompson

by @ 18:17 on March 13, 2010. Filed under Defending the American Dream, Politics - Wisconsin.

Most of my material from the Wisconsin Defending the American Dream Summit will have to wait until I get home tomorrow (or possibly Monday), but I had the chance to briefly speak with Tomah mayor Ed Thomspon, who is running for the 31st Senate seat currently held by Democrat Kathleen Vinehout.

Thompson stressed that he is a conservative. In fact, he signed the Americans for Tax Reform no-tax-increase pledge just yesterday. He also touts his business credentials as a supper club owner.

He knows he has a hard road against him. The 31st has produced one Republican in the last 100 years, Ron Brown, and it was Vinehout that beat him after only one term. While that election was in the Democratic wipeout of 2006. In fact, he outspent Vinehout by roughly a 2-1 margin.

Of interest to everybody, especially to those not in the 31st, Thompson answered that he thinks his brother Tommy will run for Senate against Russ Feingold. He further said that Tommy does need to give an answer, one way or the other, soon.

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