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NRE 2009 Awards – Thank You for Existing

by @ 5:00 on January 2, 2010. Filed under NRE 2009 Awards.

Welcome to Day 2 of the NRE 2009 Awards. Today, we honor the person/institution that made the past year at least somewhat tolerable. As a review/preview, here’s the rest of the schedule:

Jackass of the Year, yesterday
– Dumbest Thing Said, tomorrow
– News Story of the Year, 1/4
– Person of the Year, 1/5

And the nominees are..

Michelle Malkin (from steveegg) – For me, outside of picking Shoebox as he’s taken more of the posting duties, this wasn’t even close. Do you remember the Tea Parties? While Michelle wasn’t the person who started them, she was covering and promoting them before they were known as Tea Parties. Throw in an explosive book on the ObamiNation and a take-no-prisoners approach to both halves of the bipartisan Party-In-Government, and I honestly can’t think of anybody else more deserving.

Sarah Palin (from RealDebate) – Despite some of the nastiest attacks ever devised by the left wing hate media Palin has risen above it all. When others are preaching moderate behavior Sarah Palin is one of the few people willing to stand up for conservative ideals.

Glenn Beck (from Shoebox) – I don’t listen to Beck on a regular basis and I never catch his TV program.  However, would the tea party movement have kept it’s momentum through the year without Beck?  Would the stories, especially about the background of Obama’s czars have come to light without Beck?  Love or hate his style, Beck’s compass always points true north.

The United States Military (silent E) No explanation needed………

Victor Davis Hanson (from Phineas) – Who’d have ever thought a Professor of Classics and Ancient History would be someone the nation should be grateful for? And yet we should be. VDH is a conservative intellectual in the best sense of the words.  His books, essays, and blog posts regularly tie current events to analogous times long in the past, showing us what we can learn from our own history. He reminds us of the proud heritage of Western civilization from the farmer-soldiers of Greece to their modern-day descendants seeking to defend individual liberty and constitutional government from tyrants in Afghanistan and Iraq. In this modern-day clash of civilization, he shows us why ours is worth defending. He is a true national treasure.

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