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Drunkblogging the STF…er, SOTU address

by @ 15:57 on January 27, 2010. Filed under Politics - National.

Editor’s note – This post will be at the top of the blog until the end of the STF…er, SOTU address. If there are newer posts, they’ll be below this one.

You have spoken, and my liver will be taking the abuse. If you’re expecting genteel discussion, sorry about that because I’ll have my Jules Winnfield impersonation going.

The rules are simple…

– There will be no drinking games because we will be drinking constantly and the only ones that will be gaming are the enemy.
– The language will be extra-salty.
– Paraphrases from Teh Won will be in italics (if I remember to hit the italics button).
– This show will get on the road about 7:45 pm Central.
– Depending on how many show up, not all comments will make it (that’s how Cover It Live works – I can only auto-approve so many people).
– No “Ellie Lights” allowed.

Other than that, jump on in…

Oh yeah – drunkblogging is made possible by The Man, The Legend (and no, he’s definitely not a myth) – Stephen Green, who will take his usual place with martinis in hand and in the hold.

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