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Obama’s polling continues to crater

by @ 17:10 on November 24, 2009. Filed under Politics - National.

A couple days after Gallup’s 3-day tracking poll of adults showed a dip of President Obama’s job approval index below 50% (H/T – Ed Morrissey), Rasmussen Reports’ 3-day tracking poll of likely voters has Obama further under water than he’s ever been:

  • The Rasmussen Presidential Approval Index hit a new low of -15, with 42% strongly disapproving of Obama’s job performance (a new high) and 27% strongly approving of same (just off the all-time low of 26% set 10/22 and tied 11/18).
  • Overall, the split was 54% disapproval (also a new high) and 45% approval (a new low).
  • Among independents, the Presidential Approval Index was -35 (51% strong disapproval, 16% strong approval).

Byron York took a look at the Gallup weekly internals, and found that Obama had majority approval from only the under-30 crowd, the lower-class (those making under $24,000 per year), and minorities. As Ed said, “It’s basically a portrait of the hard Left, which is exactly what his agenda represents, and the only political core he’s got.”

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