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The curious case of the whacking of Babs Lawton

by @ 19:11 on October 26, 2009. Filed under Politics - Wisconsin.

Revisions/extensions (11:11 am 10/27/2009) – WTAQ-AM has pulled all references to the report from Jerry Bader on a possible extramarital affair by Barbara Lawton from its website. Accordingly, I have removed the direct link to that audio from this post.

R&E part 2 (11:46 am 10/27/2009) – WIBA-AM asked Barbara Lawton about that rumor, and Lawton called it an “outrageous lie”.

And yes, it is curious that the only announced Democratic candidate for governor, Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton, suddenly dropped out of the race today for “very personal reasons”.

Initial speculation centered on a Dan Bice column that ran in today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel saying that the Obama administration much prefered Milwaukee mayor and former Democratic Congressman Tom Barrett be the nominee. Bice pointed out that while Barrett was an early and fervent supporter of Obama in the 2008 Democratic Presidential primary season, Lawton was a fervent supporter of Hillary Clinton (left unmentioned was the fact that she was co-chair of both Clinton’s Wisconsin and Midwest efforts). Patrick McIlheran notes that would simply be the latest in the series of Chicago Way moves from the ObamiNation.

Bice also pointed out that none of the Barrett backers were willing to be named as the source of this whacking. If Barrett truly has the ObamiNation Stamp of Approval, wouldn’t that trump the 8-year war the Madison Dems have successfully waged against their Milwaukee counterparts?

Don’t assume that the whacking of Babs simply clears the way for Barrett. Kyle Maichle tossed another name in the ring from left field – Commerce Secretary Dick Leinenkugel. Other than a late-but-successful effort to get Mercury Marine to consolidate in Wisconsin (with attendant tax hikes), what exactly has Leinenkugel done as Commerce Secretary, other than not be from Milwaukee? Admittedly, that has counted for everything in the DPW the last 8 years, but simply being from anywhere but Milwaukee is not going to be enough in this election cycle, especially when one is so easily tied to the failed economic policies of Governor Jim Doyle.

Meanwhile, this afternoon, WTAQ’s Jerry Bader unleashed a bombshell of what those “very personal reasons” could be (H/T – Kevin Binversie). Bill Clinton notwithstanding, getting caught playing outside the sandbox is definitely frowned upon by the voters. Note; see the revision/extension above, as the link to WTAQ’s audio has been removed, and Lawton has flatly denied this.

Finally, I know I saw this a couple weeks ago, but I can’t quite remember where. Doyle seems to be having second thoughts about not running. I note that he has not filed a notice of non-candidacy yet.

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