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Something’s Missing

by @ 5:35 on October 5, 2009. Filed under International relations, Politics - National.

Tooth brush?  Check!

Deodorant?  Check!

Clean suit?  Check!

Extra, clean white shirt just in case some frikadeller gets spilt? Check!

TOTUS?  Check!

Yes, President Obama and his aides packed everything they needed for the trip to Copenhagen.  They packed everything they needed to give an impressive presentation.  Unfortunately, for all their planning and packing, they did not bring the one thing that has provided President Obama and others from the Left, a shot at a voting victory.

Barack Obama and ACORN have been largely inseparable throughout his adult and political years.  The Wall Street Journals’s John Fund, documents that the Obama ACORN relationship goes back to at least 1991 when Obama ran a get-out-the-vote campaign for an ACORN affiliate.  Later, Obama would become ACORN’s attorney and a trainer for ACORN programs.  During his presidential campaign, Obama gave ACORN over $800,000 for what was ultimately identified as get-out-the-vote activities.  Any guess as to who the voters garnered by ACORN voted for?

Prior to the “save-the-prostitute” activities and the “bring-in-the-underage-sex-slaves” efforts that have been recently documented, ACORN was best known for it’s voter registration activities.  ACORN is currently under indictment for these later activites in 15 states.  That’s 15 states and counting.  There are numerous states, Minnesota being one, where ACORN registration activities have been at the least concerning, but where the Secretary of State refuses to do even the most rudimentary of investigations. 

Barack Obama hasn’t won an election where Chicago politics and/or ACORN weren’t at the center.  As much as his speeches and personal appeal may win votes, Barack Obama needs groups like ACORN to do the dirty work to ensure his victory.

The IOC is many things including political and at least at times, corrupt.  However, while political, they don’t care about Chicago politics and while corrupt, there have been no allegations of dead or fictitious people voting for the Olympic host city.  That left President Obama relying on the strength of his personal charisma to persuade the IOC voters to do what President Obama believed to be the right thing.

On the strength of Obama’s charisma, on the strength of his international popularity, Chicago was rejected in the first round, getting only 18 votes.  18 votes!  Giving Chicago only 18 votes was a clear sign that Obama’s charisma and popularity was not only lacking, it was rejected.

Each speech that President Obama has told the world that the US has been self centered and egotistic in its dealings with others, has been a snip in a self neutering surgery.  He’s repeated the US apologies so many times that if he has any stones left they have been mutilated beyond the point of having any effect.  The result is that Obama has left himself with little but his charisma and popularity in attempting to deal with international issues.

Iran is in the process of creating a nuclear bomb.  If, is not a question.  When, appears to be sooner than later.  The IOC rejected Obama’s charisma, do you expect Iran to be any more impressed?

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