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Unintended Consequences

by @ 9:39 on September 26, 2009. Filed under Health, Health Care Reform, Politics - National.

Yes, this could be on just about any government program; Cash for Clunkers that has dried up the car market or the stimulus package that has stimulated no hiring but that for the government (or maybe that wasn’t “unintended?”)  No, this time it’s about the Swine Flu.

Item number 1:
Seasonal flu shot may increase H1N1 risk

Seems their finding a more than statistical anomaly, of people getting the swine flu after getting their regular flu shot.  The working theory is that because these shots expose you to a tamed down version of the bacteria or virus that it actually stimulates the body to create an entry point for another disease.

While I’m sure that this kind of stuff happens all the time without serious ramifications, the WHO’s and Federal Government’s continual gong banging about the impending annihilation of species: homo sapien  due to the swine flu, will make this a very complicated issue if it is proven out.

On a side note,  the information and study is coming out of the Canadian health system.  The supporters of Obamacare continually tell us how much better Canadian health care is so there’s no reason to question the veracity of this information.

Item #2:

Swine-flu false alarms crowd area ERs

Houston’s ERs are being over run by people who believe they have swine flu and need immediate treatment.  It seems that the continual gong banging by the WHO and Federal Government has a fair number of people over reacting.  Even mild flu symptoms have people piling into the ER demanding treatment. 

What’s the solution to over crowding from the medical folks?  Same as it has been from time in memoriam:  Take two aspirin and call me in the morning:

Instead, consider “telephone triage,” said Dr. Herminia Palacio, Harris County’s public health authority.

She said patients and parents should ask: “Am I somebody who needs to come in to be seen or am I somebody who can really stay at home and manage myself?”

That seems like a good common sense answer. 

Isn’t ER overuse and crowding one of the things that Obamacare is supposed to solve for us?  I wonder why the triage approach wouldn’t work for the clogging of the emergency rooms by folks who have all kinds of other issues.  If you come to the ER and you don’t warrant that kind of treatment, the ER sends you down the road to an urgent care or in some cases, even tells you to take two aspirin and call back in the morning!

I remember hearing President Obama tell us how unscrupulous doctors increased their fees by doing unnecessary procedures.  He wants to punish them and drive them from medical practice.  Under Obamacare, I wonder what the penalty would be for a government that hypes and over hypes issue after issue which results in a crisis where none really exists?  That’s exactly what’s happening in the case of the swine flu.

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