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How much for no advanced care? – UN edition

by @ 16:47 on September 8, 2009. Filed under Health, International relations.

Fox News reports that, despite a $19 million/year ($38 million per biennium) budget supporting 8 “doctors” and 11 “registered nurses” in the Medical Services Division, the United Nations’ advice for employees facing a life-threatening health emergency on UN property:

Step 1. Call … 911 from UN office phone.

Step 2. If it is a serious injury, render first aid assistance if you are trained to do so.

Step 3. Call the UN Fire and Safety Unit.

Step 4. When trained staff arrives, describe the first aid already administered and once again advise if you have called 911.”

Why is the MSD not included in the 4-step directive? Could it be that most of the “doctors” and “registered nurses” are not licensed to practice medicine in New York State, or that some appear to not be licensed to practice anywhere on the globe? Could it be that some of those “doctors” are dispensing controlled substances outside the norms established by both the US and the UN? Spending $1 million per year per “licensed” medical staff employee for something that for all legally-practical purposes is nothing more than a few-services-rendered occupational health clinic may be par for the course of the thoroughly-corrupt UN, but it is still scandalous.

Now, here’s the kicker – despite claims from the UN that they and the city of New York have reached an agreement to render emergency medical care, and that the New York Emergency Medical Services had been notified that they would be called first, last and always, the Fire Department of New York said that they were not notified that the EMS would be the primary renderer of said care.

Question; since the UN doesn’t pay taxes or even parking fines, are they chipping anything in for any EMS services rendered?

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