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Good-bye FeedDemon, hello RSS Bandit

by @ 21:15 on July 30, 2009. Filed under The Blog.

I started using FeedDemon as my RSS reader shortly after I signed up for NewsGator to help Sister Toldjah troubleshoot some problems she had with NewsGator Online. For a long time, it worked rather well. Lately, FeedDemon, actually its underlying NewsGator Online interface, had not been updating nearly as often as it should. I stuck with it because that was still the best RSS reader I knew.

Now, however, a pair of items has caused me to dump FeedDemon entirely. First, NewsGator Online is disappearing. That means that FeedDemon will instead be synchronizing with Google Reader, and if I ever bothered to fire up the NewsGator Go on the “smart”phone, that would be no more.

That’s all well and good because Google Reader updates far more reliably than NewsGator has lately, except the second change as part of FeedDemon caused me to dump it entirely. There is now a rather large and obtrusive rotating ad as part of the new software, with no real plans to take it out (supposedly the creator of FeedDemon is considering removing it from a paid version, but with these economic times, I’d rather not pay).

Fortunately, there is an answer that will allow me to keep things synched between at least between the desktop and the laptop – RSS Bandit. It’s not quite as convenient as FeedDemon was, but it gets the job done. Bonus item that I missed when I finally abandoned SharpReader – it shows link relationships.

Yes, the internal browser uses the IE engine rather than the Firefox one, but that’s the breaks.

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