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Bring It On!

by @ 13:51 on July 24, 2009. Filed under Health Care Reform, Politics - National.

Feeling his oats from the passage of Cap and Tax, Henry Waxman is now threatening to bypass the Blue Dogs on his committee and go straight to a house floor vote for “The Final Solution”:

However, Waxman has threatened to force a floor vote to break the impasse within Democratic ranks on President Barack Obama’s top domestic priority.

With all of the negatives on “The Final Solution” and now on Obama’s handling of nearly every issue, I say “Bring it on baby!”

If “The Final Solution”, in it’s current form goes to the House floor one of two things will happen.  Either the Blue Dogs will revolt and Pelosi along with The Won will be dealt a serious jot of mortality or the Democrats will pass this bill without any Republican support.  In either event if this bill gets a vote before the recess, anyone who votes for it will want to avoid any of those troublesome town hall type of meetings.  Congressional folks who vote for this bill will wish they had gotten as nice a reception as some of those I documented earlier this week.

Come on Nancy, what are you waiting for?  Make our day!

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