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Pawlenty – Just Boring Enough to be President

by @ 5:49 on June 19, 2009. Filed under Politics - Minnesota, Politics - National.

At least that’s what the author of this article believes. Somehow the author concludes that the US voters swing from one extreme of personal characteristics to the other: 

This has happened several times in the last 20 years. George H.W. Bush was seen as non-empathetic. Bill Clinton was full of empathy, and could capitalize on the contrast. Clinton came to be seen as lacking moral rectitude. George W. Bush seemed upright, and could again capitalize. Finally, the younger Bush came to be seen as overly certain. Obama took advantage by emphasizing his ability to see shades of gray.

If Obama utterly fails the author believes that the next President to be elected will be the opposite of Obama i.e. the blandest of bland:

In other words, when incumbent presidents lose their luster, those with qualities opposite theirs can stand to gain. If the public sours on Obama, his pizzazz and speechifying abilities could be rebranded as a negative – “all sizzle and no steak.” In that situation, the GOP might do well to have somebody who can’t make a political rally look like a Beatles concert. Boring could be pitched as competent, sensible, and able to get the job done.

The conclusion…TPaw:

Of course, it’s still very early. My point is simply that the contrast between Obama and Pawlenty might be a beneficial one for the GOP to offer if the public has soured on the incumbent. If it hasn’t – it really does not matter what the party does. Popular incumbents never lose.

And that’s where this author, along with many others lose all credibility.  Once again we have an author who believes that running as the anti Democrats is somehow an answer.  It’s not.  If we learned nothing from watching McCain’s debacle it is that running as Democrat lite or “I’m not him” or any other flavor that doesn’t run for something is a losing proposition.  On top of that, if Obama does crash and burn, running as anything other than having a positive, solution oriented candidate will be a complete failure. 

Maybe TPaw has a shot.  I’m from Minnesota and can say I’m not convinced.  He’s done a number of good things in restraining reckless Democrat spending.  However, he has far too many tendencies to flop around in the mushy middle i.e. ethanol, global warming and the like.  For TPaw to have a shot, including getting support from his home state, he’s going to need to shore up his conservative bona fides.  We’ve tried milquetoast and it’s failed.  Hopefully we’ll learn from our mistakes…then again, maybe not.

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