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The Morning Scramble (Part 2) – 3/9/2009

by @ 12:26 on March 9, 2009. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

I wonder if the ObamiNation Economic Team has this as their theme song…


  • Paul Socha has some more pics from the Green Bay Tea Party. I wish I could have violated the time-space continuum to be there and at the Defending the American Dream-Wisconsin summit at the same time.
  • Speaking of pictures, Tsiya made videos of a few of his wildlife collection photos. If that doesn’t make you think of spring (along with spring training baseball), I don’t know what will.
  • Obi’s Sister wonders where her Conga line is after finding out that Freedom Watch wants to know how much in taxpayer dollars went to feed Obama’s party-animal side.
  • James Lewis has today’s history lesson. It sure looks like we’re repeating the early 1930s.
  • Brian uses the Useful Idiots of the Left to prove that assumptions cause asses to be outed.
  • MataHarley wonders if the presstitutes will be covering the 2009 International Conference on Climate Change because its theme is “Global Warming: Was it ever really a crisis?”
  • Gaius bestows cult status on the Gorebal “Warming” acolytes. I think that calls for another song…


  • Stephen Kruiser asks, “WHERE THE HELL ARE MY DROWNING POLAR BEARS?!?” The last time I saw them, they were asking Jon Carry for halp…

  • McQ explodes the myth that cap-and-trade -tax wouldn’t hurt the little guy. I hope you didn’t have that $13/week that you’re supposed to get later this year spent.
  • Jim Hoft caught Rahm Emanuel admitting that the plan is to get rid of cheap energy.
  • Curt points out that majority of ‘Rats wanted Bush to fail back in the day. Well, I want Obama to have an Epic FAIL when it comes to creating a big-S Socialist state and surrendering to whatever entity demands it, so I guess we’re even.
  • Lex lists the tests that former Obama foe and current Vice President Joe Biden predicted would happen – North Korea preparing for another ballistic missile launch, Iran threatening to spread radioactivity across the Middle East, and the Red Chinese harassing the Navy.
  • Kevin Binversie found no sympathetic ear for Bernie Madoff’s victims among the revenuers. He may be correct about about the unofficial motto of the IRS for now, but it soon will be “We will take it all, and you will be happy.”
  • James Lileks proves what’s old is new again. Bonus item – today is National Panic Day, and the markets are responding accordingly.
  • Liberals Gone Wild (thanks to Sister Toldjah for naming this segment), Part I – Michelle Malkin posts video of Charlie Rangel, the tax cheat in charge of writing all tax bills, swearing at Jason Mattera. With all due respect (only because Rangel is a Congresscritter), Chuck, you and your kind taxing the hell out of me while you and your kind live high on the hog IS my business, you dumbass.
  • Liberals Gone Wild, Part II – JammieWearingFool caught the most-radical of the homosex/child-molester crowd putting a bounty on the head of New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo (D) for daring to keep the streets of New York safe from proven sex predators. I do believe that qualifies as demanding 110% fealty.
  • Brent Baker found an ex-CNN en Espanol correspondent running for President of El Salvador as a Communist. Bonus item – the Communists are tying themselves to Obama, despite pro-forma objections from the State Department; I guess Hillary Clinton is still miffed that she’s 4 heartbeats away from her lifelong goal.
  • Mary Lazich has a better idea for Porkulus that would actually be good for the environment – separate the sewers in Milwaukee and Shorewood.
  • Eric has some sage words of wisdom from the late Charles Schultz.

I almost forgot how long these things take.

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