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Home Work Assignment

by @ 20:29 on February 27, 2009. Filed under Miscellaneous.

As you watch the Obama Administration:

  • Spend money they don’t care how they’ll ever pay back
  • Nationalize entire industries
  • Force other industries into permanent national servitude by virtue of providing financial advantage to a few of the large competitors
  • Promulgate policies that rewards inefficiency and punishes accomplishment all in the name of “fairness”

Are you feeling like you’re living in the middle of a made for TV movie?   Do you wonder how this can possibly be happening and why didn’t someone see this coming?   Someone did.

If you haven’t, or even if you have but it’s been awhile, go out this weekend and plunk down $8.95 for the paperback version of Atlas Shrugged.   Yes, it’s a long book but you don’t need to read it all this weekend.   Find time to read the first 200 pages.   We will be testing on your assignment next week!

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