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2nd Annual Defending the American Dream – Wisconsin Summit

by @ 9:06 on February 6, 2009. Filed under Defending the American Dream.

I do hope you reserved Saturday, March 7 on your calendar. Americans for Prosperity is holding the 2nd Annual Defending the American Dream – Wisconsin Summit at the Midwest Airlines Center. Yes, there is a bit of a cost involved at $36 for general admission and $19 for students, but the lineup of both guests and topics are well worth it.

Guests include Rep. Paul Ryan, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, Wall Street Journal reporter Steve Moore, authors Herman Cain and Fred Kelly Grant, Judge (and candiate for Supreme Court Justice) Randy Koschnick, candidate for State Superintendent Rose Fernandez, and WIBA/WISN radio star Vicki McKenna.

Topics include the death tax, climate “change”, property rights, the upcoming state budget, and choice in education.

Do register for this great event as soon as possible.

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