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The Weekend Scramble Brunch, Part 2 – 1/11/2009

by @ 16:11 on January 11, 2009. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

As I type, the road teams have went 3-0 in the first 3 games of the NFL Divisional Playoff round…


  • Speaking of drilling, Amanda Carpenter reveals the battle cry of Senate Majority Leader Dingy Harry Reid (D-OPEC) – “DRILL NOWHERE! DRILL NEVER!” Bonus item – the Dingy One is using pork to make it veto-proof, and is also extending the record of not allowing a single GOP-authored amendment.
  • One item I forgot to throw in the first part – elliot found another sign of the coming depression – a nearly-empty remodeling show.
  • Peter is shocked, SHOCKED that 2/3rds of the various transportation taxes, totaling $40.3 billion in 2005, go for something other than roads. Bonus item – a staggering 29.3% goes to “administration and overhead”.
  • MuscleDaddy found the Islamokazis being inspired by Barack Hussein Obama.
  • Glenn Reynolds found another statement from Obama reaching its expiration date – the quick closure of Club Gitmo. I wonder who will be more disappointed: the Islamokazis or the domestic Loony Left.
  • Josh Schroeder has the quote of the week on Obama’s request to delay the final implementation of the years-long transition to digital TV because there’s another program that needs a bailout.
  • The Oh-So-Tolerant Left Update, Part I – YoSAMite found an Obama website linked to a childish “Bush Shoe Toss” event.
  • The Oh-So-Tolerant Left Update, Part II – James Wigderson discovered the Unhinged Left making death threats against the majority. I’m not surprised; they’ve been raging since (barely) before I was born.
  • Marcus Aurelius points out an inconvenient fact for the Dingy One – there is NO Senate requirement that a state’s Secretary of State countersign a Certificate of Appointment (or Certificate of Election, for that matter). Of course, since the Illinois Secretary of State caved and did sign, that’s a moot point.
  • Ed Lasky explains why we’re about to have Senator Smalley (Soros-Soros) – it’s all about the personal payback.
  • Aakash put together the comprehensive Senate-Designate Roland Burris (D-IL) file.
  • Stephen Green has the best Illinois governor Hot Rod Bagojevich (D) impeachment headline.
  • John McAdams pictures the coming Illinois license plates.
  • Michael Yon throws the red flag at those questioning British-American relations in the foxhole.
  • SteveF explodes the idea of having somebody like the IAEA handle nuclear fuel production. Why, if the IAEA didn’t exist, North Korea would have nuclear weapons and Iran would about to have nuclear weapon…er, wait a minute, North Korea has nuclear weapons drawn from IAEA-“monitored” stocks and Iran is about to have nuclear weapons drawn from IAEA-“monitored” stocks.
  • Paul Socha proves that the Wisconsin DNR is what Dad29 calls “Damn Near Russia”. They want to be able to grab your guns anytime, anywhere. FUCK THEM!
  • Mrs. M-ITT, Imperial Sniper, will continue to have “sea kittens”. I only wish I could have found the “Walleye Song” on YouTube, but you’re going to have to go over to Indiana Walleye to download it.
  • William Teach has the latest cause of Gorebal “Warming” – the Internet. I’ll continue to do my part to try to prevent subzero temperatures by continuing to put up rambling rant…er, high-quality posts, but they’re due in the land of ice cream and frozen beer by Wednesday anyway.
  • Gregory Young busts the carbon component of Gorebal “Warming”. I’ve always maintained that blaming carbon was nothing more than a (post-)Communist plot to kill the Western economies; too bad this plot succeeded where the Soviets failed.
  • Noel Sheppard asserts we are right back where we were in 1977 in terms of climate – The Next Ice Age is back.
  • John blogs about eggs (that’s small-e). You know that was going to make a Scramble, especially the one from Big Bertha.

Let’s see if some snow can stop the last road team before Jack comes back.

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