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Sweet Caroline

by @ 20:37 on January 22, 2009. Filed under Politics - National.

Caroline Kennedy has reportedly removed her name from consideration for the vacant NY Senate seat.   While reports of whether she was actually a contender or not vary, she had at least become a legend in her own mind.

It’s unclear why Kennedy withdrew her name.   Some reports are using vague “family issue” reasons.   Other reports suggest that she wasn’t going to be appointed and so withdrew her name to avoid embarrassment to the family name.   Still other reports suggest that Kennedy had some skeletons (ya think?   Just look at her!) regarding unpaid taxes and unpaid social security taxes for a maid she had hired.

My guess on why Kennedy withdrew?   After the tax and nanny issues came to light she concluded that she no longer had the qualifications to be a Senator.   With tax and nanny issues, she’s clearly qualified to be Secretary of the Treasury!

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