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Al Franken, Come On Down

by @ 5:44 on January 23, 2009. Filed under Politics - Minnesota, Politics - National.

Al Franken was in Washington today attempting to convince Harry Reid to seat him in the Senate.   Harry appears to be leaning towards attempting to grant Al’s wish.

What’s ironic is that just a couple of weeks ago Harry Reid refused to seat Roland Burris in part, because he did not have a signed certification from the Secretary of State.   I’m not sure what set of rules Harry has now, but Al doesn’t have a certificate and won’t until Coleman’s suit is either dismissed (Al’s hoping, hoping, hoping) or gets resolved.   The former could happen in the next day or two.   The latter sounds like it could go on for several months.

No matter, in Harry’s mind, the “election is over!”


If Harry’s word is his bond, Al, pack your bags.   Although, you might not want to be renting any space in Washington yet.   You see, Harry has a history of declaring ends to things:

…that turn out just the opposite of how Harry sees them.

Hang in there Al. If you tire of the process, it’s not too late to move back to NY. I hear they’re still looking for a Senator!

(Update 7:34 AM – Guess you’re going to have to wait for that certificate Al)
(Update 7:58 AM – Oops, too late for that NY seat! Guess you’ll just have to enjoy the Midwest a bit longer!)

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