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WordPress 2.7 RC1 – insta-thoughts

by @ 0:13 on December 2, 2008. Tags:
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I decided to try the release candidate of WordPress 2.7 on a test blog.

The good:

– I like the new back-end.
– Pagination and threading is cool.
– The media uploader is (mostly-)working again after Adobe broke the Flash version. Specifically, the “no link” is respected, and it is possible to insert “original size” pics.

The bad:

– Had to do some modifying of the template to get it working right.
– I can’t figure out how to modify the intro to the comments.
– Filosofo Comments Preview doesn’t work with threaded comments (AJAX Comment Preview does, though I don’t want to go with that).

Revisions/extensions (11:56 am 12/5/2008) – I hadn’t reported on the compatibility of Peter’s Custom Anti-Spam with 2.7. While 3.1.1 is not entirely compatible (with “force registered users to enter the word” enabled, an admin can’t reply from the back end), the fresh 3.1.2 is.

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