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We’re All Doomed, Doomed I Tell You!

by @ 5:04 on December 16, 2008. Filed under Global "Warming".

According to the UK’s Independent, we’ve passed the point of doing anything about global warming….We’re Doomed:

Scientists have found the first unequivocal evidence that the Arctic region is warming at a faster rate than the rest of the world at least a decade before it was predicted to happen.

…The phenomenon, known as Arctic amplification, was not expected to be seen for at least another 10 or 15 years and the findings will further raise concerns that the Arctic has already passed the climatic tipping-point towards ice-free summers, beyond which it may not recover. (Emphasis Mine)

An explanation of why this find is sooooooo very important, and proves global warming, once and for all, is given by Julienne Stroeve of the US National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC):

“The observed autumn warming that we’ve seen over the Arctic Ocean, not just this year but over the past five years or so, represents Arctic amplification, the notion that rises in surface air temperatures in response to increased atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations will be larger in the Arctic than elsewhere over the globe.”

Um, wait, what?   NOTION?


–noun 1. a general understanding; vague or imperfect conception or idea of something: a notion of how something should be done.
2. an opinion, view, or belief: That’s his notion, not mine.
3. conception or idea: his notion of democracy.
4. a fanciful or foolish idea; whim: She had a notion to swim in the winter.

Notice the definition doesn’t include “fact,” “proven” or replicated.   “Notion,” by definition, isn’t even as substantive as “theory.”

Alright, it’s easy to pick on the poor ladies words.   Perhaps she had no notion what she was really saying when she used the word “notion!”

The article goes on to lay out the “facts” used to make the determination that the world is coming to an end:

Temperature readings for this October were significantly higher than normal across the entire Arctic region – between 3C and 5C above average – but some areas were dramatically higher. In the Beaufort Sea, north of Alaska, for instance, near-surface air temperatures were more than 7C higher than normal for this time of year. The scientists believe the only reasonable explanation for such high autumn readings is that the ocean heat accumulated during the summer because of the loss of sea ice is being released back into the atmosphere from the sea before winter sea ice has chance to reform.

Hmmmmm, October, October.   Wasn’t there something special about global warming in October?   Oh yeah, I remember.   October was the hottest October ever on record…Oh, no, my bad.   As I noted here, it wasn’t.   In fact, part of the “error” for October created the appearance of a hotspot in the Artic:

The error was so glaring that when it was reported on the two blogs – run by the US meteorologist Anthony Watts and Steve McIntyre, the Canadian computer analyst who won fame for his expert debunking of the notorious “hockey stick” graph – GISS began hastily revising its figures. This only made the confusion worse because, to compensate for the lowered temperatures in Russia, GISS claimed to have discovered a new “hotspot” in the Arctic – in a month when satellite images were showing Arctic sea-ice recovering so fast from its summer melt that three weeks ago it was 30 per cent more extensive than at the same time last year.

Is it just me or does anyone else notice that Ms. Stroeve’s “doom data” looks an awful lot like the data the number one global warming acolyte had to retract?

I’m sure Ms. Stroeve didn’t use the incorrect data to create her alarm.   It would seem like data integrity would be the first thing that any scientific claim or theory would want to insure and verify.   I’m sure the “error” of the GISS data was just that, an “error” and the global warming community  have implement rigorous standards to ensure that something like that never happened again…or maybe not!

On a related note, Minneapolis is forecasted to have the third coldest temp ever for December 16th tonight.   Maybe I should move to the Arctic!

I’m beginning to wonder who has more credibility, the global warming faithful or Britney Spears…Oops, I did it again!

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