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The Morni…er, Evening Scramble – 12/23/2008

by @ 19:47 on December 23, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

Let’s see if I can still remember how to do this…


Yes, it’s evening, but it is morning someplace.

  • Jason Pye brings good news for music pirates – RIAA will no longer be going after you with lawsuits. The bad news – if your ISP isn’t using anti-bit-torrent software, it likely will in the near future.
  • Donna Martinez has sad news for VHS holdouts – the last shipment of movies and shows on tape are out the door.
  • JackBoot found Treasury Department Form EZ-CASH. Given Hank Paulson and company are handing out my cash like it’s, well, my cash in a politician’s hands, I’m not so sure that it is a parody.
  • Mark Pribonic shows a benefit of a classical education, quoting Cicero on the folly of depending on the government for a bailout.
  • Jib gives a word of wisdom to the potheads that want legal pot. If you think that taxes on alcohol and tobacco are high, wait until the government gets its hands on the weed.
  • Dean finds the ‘Rats not so trusting of the voters when things don’t go their way. I’m shocked, SHOCKED, especially since…
  • Nice Deb outlined how they stole the Norm Coleman seat. Shoebox? Big G?
  • Earl Glynn wonders how the population of Kansas could go up steadily while the voter registrations show wild swings.
  • Bob Weeks bemoans the coming death of “newspaper journalism”. I only hope he wasn’t refering to outfits like the New York Times.
  • Why did I put that caveat in there? Exhibit #1 – Michelle Malkin caught them getting punked by fake Frogs.
  • Exhibit #2 – Bob Owens prints the op-ed piece rebutting Friend Of Barack (and admitted, yet untried terrorist) Bill Ayers they refused to print.
  • Dan Riehl says the news isn’t all bad – the NYT may go under next year.
  • The Game lists the top ten media blunders (so far) of 2008. To quote Bachman Turner Overweigh…er, Overdrive, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.” Guess it’s time for song #2…
  • Tom Blumer proves that The News Organization That Cannot Be Quoted™ does not practice what Bob Weeks wants, as they strip the ‘Rat from local stories they crib. Bonus item – it is against the latest publicly-available AP Stylebook guidance, though that may have changed since 2000.
  • Gorebal “Warming” Acolyte Stupidity Watch, Part 1 – lawhawk reports Seattle refuses to use salt on the roads because it might get into the salty Puget Sound.
  • Gorebal “Warming” Acolyte Stupidity Watch, Part 2 – Dad29 reports the Wisconsin DNR prohibits the dumping of snow into the local rivers that feed into Lake Michigan, so Milwaukee stores the snow under the Hoan Bridge until it melts into Lake Michigan. Oh yeah; between today and tomorrow, there’s another foot of snow to go on top of the nearly-3 feet we’ve picked up so far this month.
  • Mary Katharine Ham wonders why the Obama Camp self-whitewash happened at 4:30 pm Christmas Eve eve.
  • Why, Part 1 – Michelle Malkin opened a red flag store on the 5-page whitewash.
  • Why, Part 2 – Charles Johnson found a media outlet unwilling to swallow the whitewash whole. In the interest of full disclosure, the parent company of the Los Angeles Times was driven into bankruptcy partially because of actions by Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D).
  • Rob Port found the denials from Team Obama a wee bit unconvincing.
  • Hugh Hewitt wonders what happened when US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, who is investigating Blagojevich, interviewed Barack Obama (D). Bonus wonder – why did Fitzgerald wait until after interviewing Obama to interview Obama chief-of-staff-designee Rahm Emanuel (D) when he already had Emanuel on tape?
  • J.D. Tuccille found the perfect present for the speed cameras in Arizona.
  • Mark Hemingway found high school students in Maryland using the power of the state and speed cameras to crush their enemies. They’re future bureaucrats, no doubt.
  • Speaking of presents, Owen found a DeWalt Rapid Fire Nail Gun. I wonder if that’s the weapon the boys at iD were thinking about when they made Quake.

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