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The Morni…er, Afternoon Scramble – 12/29/2008

by @ 15:20 on December 29, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

I’m a bit under the weather, so that’s why I’m late today. It’s been a while since I did an instrumental, so let’s start the week off with one…


  • Lemur King wonders if things are truly as bad as the press says it is. He notes that if one takes out the excess of the later Clinton/early Bush years, the S&P Retail Index is right back in the 30-year wheelhouse.
  • Mark Pribonic hacks apart the Transportation Stimulus Act. Question of the week from Mark – “If $3.1 trillion dollars of government spending cannot keep the economy from going into the tank, then why would anyone think that an additional $500 billion to $1 trillion would do any better?”
  • Shoebox asks whether we can afford the payments on the Obama Stimulus Package. Stat of the day – if the 3 million jobs Obama wants to create do go 80/20 private/public, the increase in the government rolls would be 3 times that of the private rolls.
  • Phil delivers a message from Patrick Henry to Barack Obama. The Hot Rod Blago odds that he’ll listen – 1,000,000-1 (and no, I wouldn’t bet on it).
  • John McAdams found a cartoon on the Big Three UAW bailout that puts the crux of the problem in blazing orange.
  • Thomas Lifson found Hot Rod Blago the butt of advertisements.
  • Asian Badger offers a look into the bidding process that will become more widespread in the next Administration.
  • Sean M. cheers the scientific death of Gorebal “Warming”. I would too if we hadn’t lost the political war while we won the scientific battle.
  • Jib is disturbed that Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin came in third in a Sovie…er, Russian state television poll of historic Russ…er, Soviet historical figures. Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili wasn’t even a Russian.
  • Steve S. found the Soviet Unio…er, Russia using natural gas as a weapon against Europe in an effort to neuter opposition to the restoration of the Soviet Empire.
  • Eddiebear is shocked, SHOCKED that following the whims of envirowhackos invariably makes for a worse environmental disaster, as Seattle doesn’t reap because it didn’t sow.
  • John Hawkins lists his favorite dozen quotes from 2008.
  • Clay Waters delivers the ten worst lowlights from the New York Times Sedition Slimes campaign coverage. I have no idea how he kept it to ten.
  • Ken laughs at the presstitute notion that we’ll miss them when they’re gone.
  • Stephen Green gives exhibit #1,023,246 of Presstitute Bias – Time’s lead Israeli/Hamas presstitute wishing for the death of Israel.
  • Eric explains why Israel needs to crush Gaza and Hamas now.
  • Bonus reason – Nice Deb caught the legalization of crucifixion by Hamas.
  • Glenn Reynolds reminds us that Obama once called for just the Israeli response to Hamas that’s being delivered now. If memory serves, that statement already passed its expiration date, the day after Obama made it.
  • Charles Johnson points out the “innocent” Gazans not only voted Hamas into power, but attended en masse a multitude of anti-Israeli demonstrations “glorifying” the rockets Hamas has been firing into Israel.
  • CDR Salamander reminds us of the savages we’re fighting in Afghanistan. I’m surprised the NYT and The News Organization That Cannot Be Quoted™ played this one straight.
  • John surmises this is because we beat the Islamists with the press release.
  • I do need to close this out with some holiday cheer – Bill Quick found a study that asserts that spiked eggnog is safe. Cheers!

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