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Making a list, checking it twice – round 2

by @ 0:02 on December 25, 2008. Tags:
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I have far too many people to wish a blessed Christmas, but that won’t stop me from trying like last year. First, we need some music…


I’ll likely be updating this a couple times during the day. The initial list is good as of sometime Christmas Eve.

Shoebox, my co-blogger
Robert of American and Proud
John of Argghhh!
Patrick Dorwin of Badger Blogger (link now fixed as of 7:53 am; sorry about that)
Paul Socha of Berry Laker
Dan Kenitz of
The Wolf of Blackfive
Laughing_Wolf of Blackfive
xbradtc of Bring the heat, Bring the Stupid
Caledonia Unplugged
Wisconsin State Sen. Mary Lazich of Conservatively Speaking
Bill Quick of Daily Pundit
Bill Whittle of Eject! Eject! Eject!
Jo Egelhoff of Fox Politics
HeatherRadish of Hasenpfeffer Incorporated
The gang at Intellectual Conservative Politics and Philosophy
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal
Katie Harbath
Katy of Katy’s Conservative Corner
Mike of Mike’s America
Nice Deb
No Compromises
O Pechenga of Original Pechenga’s Blog
John McKittrick of Closing Velocity
Sean M. of doubleplusundead
Fred of Real Debate Wisconsin
S.E. Cupp
Josh Painter of RedState
Dan of Riehl World View
Rick Moran of Right Wing Nut House
Rob of Say Anything
The Asian Badger
Jim Geraghty of The Campaign Spot
Greg Gutfield of The Daily Gut
Stable Hand of The Jawa Report
Todd Lohenry of The Right Side of Wisconsin
JeffN of The Right View Wisconsin
The Underground Conservative
Nick Schweitzer of The World According to Nick
Paul of Thoughts of a Regular Guy
USCitizen of Traction Control
Andy Aplikowski of True North
James Wigderson of Wigderson Library & Pub
JackBoot of Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler
Janet at SCSU Scholars
Sister Toldjah
Chris at MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
Phelony Jones at The Confidentials
Dan Collins at protein wisdom
Extensions part 1 (7:42 am 12/25/2008) –
Brad V of Try 2 Focus
Vinnie of Ace of Spades HQ
Gabriel Malor of Ace of Spades HQ
Kate of An Ol’ Broad’s Ramblings
Uncle Jimbo of Blackfive
Jim Lynch of bRight & Early
Confederate Yankee
alexthechick at doubleplusundead
Mary of Freedom Eden
Michael Caughill
GayPatriotWest of Gay Patriot
Bruce of Gay Patriot
– A second helping from HeatherRadish
Ed Morrissey of Hot Air
Glenn Reynolds
Jason Pye
Josh Schroeder
Elizabeth Scalia of Pajamas Media/The Anchoress
Warner Todd Huston of Publius’ Forum
Erick Erickson of RedState
silent E
Wyatt Earp of Support Your Local Gunfighter
Kathryn Jean Lopez of NRO’s The Corner
Gravelle of the Daily Scoff
Vinnie of The Jawa Report
Jenn of The Political Jungle
Amy Geiger-Hemmer of The Right View Wisconsin
Kevin Fischer of This Just In…
Hugh Hewitt
Janet Beihoffer of True North
Trail-Mix of Disgruntled Truck Driver
Extensions part 2 (11:14 am 12/25/2008) –
Dave in Texas at Ace of Spades HQ
Bill Smith at ARRA News Service
John Little of Blogs of War
Gaius of Blue Crab Boulevard
Fuzz Martin
Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit
Michelle Malkin
The gang at NewsBusters
Darleen Click of protein wisdom
King Banian at SCSU Scholars
Rick Esenberg of Shark and Shepherd
Ed Driscoll
still Unreal of Reality Check
John Ray of Stop The ACLU (even though he got the name wrong)
Joey of Wide White
– A second helping from Kevin Fischer
– A second helping from Kate
Extensions part 3 (1:48 pm 12/25/2008; last one for a while) –
Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs
Teresa of Terry Ann Online
Lemur King
Crystal Clear Conservative
Deebow of Blackfive
– A second helping from Uncle Jimbo (literally a second helping, as he, his brother, and his niece made cinnamon rolls)
Emperor Misha I of Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler
Justin of GOP3
Chris of On the BorderLine
Aakash Raut of University Blog
Last extension of Christmas Day (9:03 pm 12/25/2008, with no guarantees of a further one for those that waited until the last minute) –
Marcus Aurelius of Blogger Beer
Owen of Boots and Sabers
The Lady Logician of Ladies Logic
Dean of Musings of a Thoughtful Conservative
gopfolk of One Man’s Opinion
Keith of ProductionNinja
Serr8d of Protein Wisdom Pub
Sean Hackbarth of The American Mind
Jimi5150 of The Prozak Playground
Maggie Thurber of Thurber’s Thoughts
Drew of Weasel Zippers
Phineas of Public Secrets
Last revision of the year to catch the last-second well-wishers (7:12 am 12/26/2008; the text below the list was added with the final Christmas Day update) –
Anwyn of Anwyn’s Notes in the Margin
Dana Pico of Common Sense Political Thought
Alexander of A little off Main
Ace of Ace of Spades HQ
James T. Harris of The National Conversation

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Brad V and Ed Driscoll for the linkage. This year, I tried to comment on as many of the blogs listed above as I could and not leave it up to chance, WordPress’ auto-pingback feature, Townhall’s very-fluky auto-trackback feature (which resulted in some double-ping/trackbacks), the suddenly-fluky Google Blog Search or Technorati to deliver my Christmas wishes. I know there’s still people I missed, so to them, and to those of you who missed my annual posting of St. Luke’s account of Jesus’ birth, I’ll direct your attention here.

I hope you had a very good Christmas, and have a happy new year.

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