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$1 million government web FAIL

by @ 16:25 on December 29, 2008. Filed under Politics - Wisconsin.

JSOnline’s DayWatch reports that the Wisconsin Campaign Finance Information System website, run by the Government “Accountability” Board, features Minneapolis’ skyline. Of note are some of the reactions:

– Tommy Winkler, an ethics specialist for the board, claims that the Connecticut-based designer was using Minneapolis’ skyline as a “placeholder” while it tries to find a copyright-free image of Madison’s skyline. What; the state doesn’t have any images of Madison or Milwaukee (or Eau Claire, or Green Bay, or Superior, or Wausau, or…you get the picture) available?
– Jonathan Becker, director of the board’s Ethics Division, wishes that was Madison’s skyline. Somehow I doubt the folks on the local Politburo of the People’s Republic of Madistan would allow a private building to rival the state Capitol in height.

While the Journal Sentinel chose to just grab the header image, I decided that the full-page screen cap is more appropriate (click for the full-size pic):


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