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The Morning Scramble/Open Thread Thursday – 10/30/2008

by @ 9:29 on October 30, 2008. Filed under Open Thread Thursday, The Morning Scramble.

You can thank Jonah Goldberg’s discovery of Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry’s endorsement of John McCain for the lack of blues today.


I’ll try to remember today is Open Thread Thursday and only give you a launching point to feed me with links (for a change). Even though I now have something north of 280 feeds in the Feed Reader of Bloat, I know I’m missing some good stuff out there on a daily basis.

  • In keeping with the good news theme, RightwingSparkle reports that the PUMAs are not yet dead in Florida.
  • Stephen Green wonders whether the hope in the McCain camp that the polls are hosed is misplaced. Do not, repeat, NOT miss Ed Driscoll’s Cheech & Chong response.
  • Nick Schweitzer applies statistical analysis to the hosed polls.
  • Laura reports that Texas is done being messed with by Mexico’s druglords.
  • Soren Dayton runs the numbers on the jobs that will be lost in states that will be disproportionately affected by Barney Frank’s (Religion of) Peace Dividend. Why do I call it that? Simple; a 25% cut in defense spending in the middle of a war smells like a surrender in that war, and the opponents do call themselves the “Religion of Peace”.
  • Those cuts mean we likely won’t see stories like this – Zip reports Marine snipers are so precise that even Islamists in Afghanistan using children as human shields while emplacing IEDs aren’t safe, but those children are.
  • RFW has today’s history lesson – this is the 10-year anniversary of the signing of the Iraq Liberation Act. Hey moonbats; care to guess who was President when it became official US policy to remove Saddam Hussein from power?
  • I was going to skip the Obamination Update entirely today because you’re probably tired after the Obamacommercial, but Mark Steyn dragged me back in. He reports that donations to the Obama campaign are now being cited by the city of Boston as evidence of US citizenship. Mark notes (sarcastically) that it should “(clear) up any question marks over those donations by ‘A Hitler’ and ‘S Hussein'”.
  • Kevin Fischer lists the growing number of communities that do trick-or-treating right – on Halloween night. Notably, and regrettably, absent from the list are any communities in Milwaukee County, including Oak Creek.
  • Moron Pundit has today’s PSA – if you get caught drunk driving, do not immediately go back to your house, grab your spare keys, and drive to the police station to complain.

That’s it; the thread is yours.

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